To snack

Cheff's bravas6,50 €
Neapolitan provolone with grilled egg9,90 €
Goat cheese wheel with bell pepper jam5,50 €
Dish of 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham22,00 €
Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months and truffled Pecorino18,90 €
Prawns with garlic and grilled oven13,90 €
Grilled fresh squid15,90 €
Grilled octopus with potato foam22,50 €
Grilled mussels10,50 €
Bluefin tuna tataki Balfegó18,50 €
Red prawns with salt17,50 €
100% Iberian ham croquettes1,80 €/ud.
Squid croquettes1,80 €/ud.
Andalusian fresh squid14,90 €
Cod popcorn with honey9,50 €
Grilled eggplant mousse with romesco8,50 €
Salmon sashimi marinated with citrus and soy14,50 €

With a couple...

Starred eggs with Iberian ham and padrón peppers11,50 €
Scrambled eggs with foie gras11,50 €
Starry eggs with truffle and foie shavings12,90 €

Crystal cocas

Toasted glass bread2,20 €
Toasted glass bread with tomato2,50 €

Crystal cocas

100% acorn-fed Iberico ham15,50 €
Coca of roasted vegetables and Cantabrian anchovies12,95 €
Smoked salmon coca (tomato slices, smoked salmon and brie cheese)12,50 €

Our salads

Al panino (mezclum salad, red berries, brie cheese, caramelized onion and modena)10,50 €
Caprichosa new (mezclum salad, crispy bacon, raisins, berries vinaigrette and goat cheese)9,90 €
Burrata (mozzarella bag stuffed with stracciatella, tomato, rocket and modena)11,50 €
Il salmone (mezclum salad, corn, carrot, apple, smoked salmon and parmesan vinaigrette)12,00 €
Spinach and shrimp (fresh spinach, cherry tomato, grilled shrimp, corn and black olives)10,90 €
From the garden (mezclum salad, white asparagus, crispy ham and crispy onion)9,50 €


Prosciutto pizza (smoked Prague ham with provolone cheese and orégano)9,00 €
4 cheeses (mozzarella, parmesan, scamorzza and gorgonzola)9,50 €
From the sea (smoked salmon, mozzarella, prawns and arugula)12,00 €
Dolce maiale (bacon, caramelized onion, mushrooms and oregano)9,25 €

Fresh house pasta

Ravioli di carne
Spaguettini freschi
Tagliolini al nero di sepia
Fetuccini all’uovo
Raviolacci riccota i espinaci

Our sauces

Pesto10,50 €
Gorgonzaolla cream11,50 €
Porcini mushroom cream10,50 €
Our Bolognese10,50 €
Napolitana8,50 €
Italian carbonara9,50 €
Aglio olio Peppercino and Gamberetti11,50 €

Our special pasta

Ravioli with tartufo with fried egg and formaggio with tartufo14,50 €

Our grilled fish

Cod fillet “a la marinera”20,50 €
Cod fillet “a la llauna”19,50 €
Cod fillet au gratin with all-i-oli18,50 €
Grilled organic salmon with romesco tears14,50 €


Steak tartar Burger (minced low loin with caramelized onion and provolone)12,90 €
“Jardinera” (lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, provolone and tartar sauce)11,00 €
Gorgonzola (gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onion and arugula)12,00 €
Foie (bacon, caramelized onion, mushrooms and oregano)14,50 €
Bacon (bacon, caramelized onion, scamorza cheese and fried egg)12,95 €
*Own production 230gr. old cow

Iberian meats 100% acorn

Secreto14,50 €
Feather16,50 €

The trimmings

French fries2,95 €
Padrón peppers3,50 €
Escalivada4,90 €
Hot potatoes3,00 €
White bean3,90 €

Our grilled meats

Mature beef ribeye59,00 €/Kg
Farmer’s “Butifarra”8,50 €
Cava pork trotters12,50 €
Beef carpaccio with parmesan reggiano DO and arugula12,50 €
Beef entrails13,50 €
SOLOMILLO: Old cow sirloin19,90 €
Veal “Churrasco”13,90 €
Roasbeef of the house11,90 €
Steak tartar of the house19,90 €
Hard pork ribs cooked at low temperature (12h at 75ºC)14,90 €


House cheese flan4,75 €
Tiramisú of the house5,50 €
Our nutella pannacotta4,75 €
Cardinal6,00 €
Ice cream of the house4,50 €
Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream5,25 €
House chesse cake5,50 €
Chocolate truffles with moët and cream6,50 €